Sugarcane Vinyasa (Balance & Full Body Stretch)

Immerse yourself in our 1-hour vinyasa yoga class, meticulously crafted to enhance your balance and offer a comprehensive full-body stretch. This session seamlessly blends vinyasa yoga with targeted balancing and stretching poses, creating a harmonious practice for your body and mind.

Begin by centring yourself with gentle stretches and mindful breaths, priming your body for deeper work. Transition into balance-focused poses like Sugarcane Pose, Tree Pose and Half Moon Pose, guided by Dee with options for all levels.

Flow into dynamic stretches like Downward Facing Dog and Low Lunge, releasing tension and creating space. Mindful alignment guidance fosters equilibrium as you explore your limits.

Finishing off with serene stretches and final relaxation, leaving you grounded yet light. Join Dee for a transformative experience, uniting movement, breath, and self-discovery to cultivate balance and flexibility.

  • (1 Hour) The Spicy Sugarcane (Balance & Flexibility)


    Immerse yourself in our 1-hour Yoga Vinyasa class, meticulously crafted to enhance balance and offer a full-body stretch, particularly focusing on your hips, hamstrings, chest and shoulders. This session seamlessly blends traditional yoga with targeted balance poses, creating a harmonious practic...